Jane Edwards
CEO & Founder

My passion for our planet and what it means to all of us grew out of my desire for travel from a very young age. Visiting many parts of the globe and many awe-inspiring parts of the US has taught me not only how wonderful but also how fragile life can be.

Hiking down and back up the Grand Canyon and trekking parts of the Sierras makes you feel humble and accountable at the same time.

My first encounter with carbon offsetting projects was witnessing the joy and real benefits that stove projects had given to women in villages and townships in Kenya back in 2016.

And living in Coconut Grove in Miami affords me one of the most beautiful yet vulnerable places on earth to live…… let’s all do something about it today.

Karl Brent
COO & Founder

When you grow up as I did in the UK, you don’t always realize that there are people a lot less fortunate than yourself who are doing what they can to survive. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to visit countries such as India, Lesotho and the Ukraine that I saw for myself how much they needed help from more developed countries.

Watching the movie “Before the Flood” was a turning point for me. The message really hit home and I understood that more needed to be done. Since then I’ve sought every opportunity to increase my knowledge of environmental issues and to support and promote initiatives in my community. This can range from passionately joining beach clean-ups to educating an office on the principles of recycling.

I believe that everyone should take personal responsibility for their impact on the environment. I try to do this by living as close to a zero waste and sustainable lifestyle as possible. I carefully consider my environmental impact at home. I refuse any single use plastic and use energy more efficiently. If I need to take a long haul flight then I will ensure that I offset the carbon.

I’m excited by the potential of Grove Carbon and I look forward to working with you so that we can all do our bit to help our planet.