How Does Carbon Offsetting Really Work:

Whether you are a business or an individual you can offset all or part of your energy emissions (carbon footprint) and receive a certification for doing so!

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More Details on Carbon Offsetting

Often referred to as a “hierarchy” or “cycle”, carbon offsetting is a way for organizations or individuals to offset the energy they use by way of supporting projects that are aimed at reducing GHG emissions elsewhere; furthermore, such initiatives also allow companies and individuals to measure and monitor their GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions in a way that may uncover wastage and allow for a reduction in energy usage over-time, creating a winning solution on a number of levels.

Most carbon offsetting projects are based in developing countries and may include:

  • Provision of accessible safe drinking water thus reducing the need to boil water which reduces CO2 emissions and drastically improves the lives of impoverished citizens in developing countries.
  • Provision of efficient cookstoves so that less emissions are created than cooking on open fires and, our personal favorite, empowering and freeing up women to take on other duties and tasks as they no longer need to tend to stoves all day long.

Organizations may be required to offset their GHG emissions such as oil and gas conglomerates and energy/utility companies and others may do so voluntarily as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ethos. Plus, more and more individual citizens are taking up carbon offsetting initiatives either ongoing or on an ad hoc basis just because it’s simply the right thing to do!

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