You can offset your carbon footprint, or part of it, with Grove Carbon – just look at how easy it is to do so!

Carbon Footprint Offsetting made quick and easy!

Global GHG Emissions for 2019 reached almost 60 gigatons, that’s almost 60 billion tonnes! And developed countries are mostly responsible.

Did you know that the top 10 emitting countries make up almost 70% of global emissions? Are you fortunate, yet partly responsible, to be living in one of those countries?

The global average GHG (greenhouse gas) footprint is just under 7 tonnes, yet it needs to be around 2 tonnes, to stay below the 1.5 degrees of warming that we need to be at to mitigate climate change.

If everyone emitting more than 2 tonnes of GHG emissions were to offset their country’s average footprint, together we could offset over 40 gigatons of emissions, leaving the planet to naturally absorb the rest.

Are you ready to take responsibility for the way you live and offset your country’s average per person footprint?

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It’s practically impossible to calculate everyone’s individual carbon footprint in a 100% accurate way, especially when you consider all the different activities we engage in day-to-day. That’s why Grove Carbon has created a simple, yet effective, way to offset your country’s per person average footprint.

But what does an average footprint look like?

Rather than asking yourself what an average footprint looks like, first click here to see if your country is below 2 tonnes and then offset all or part of your per person average footprint using the calculations we have made for you!

And some hints and tips to be more climate friendly!