With more pressure to “do the right thing” since the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement many organizations have initiated ongoing carbon offsetting programs or yearly repeater initiatives either through compliance requirements or voluntarily.

More and more organizations are taking up such programs for other reasons such as:

  • Marketing and bid responses – some tenders may require organizations to already have carbon offsetting programs in place and government tenders are at the forefront of such preconditions; even if not, many enterprises now see this as a real value-add in their CSR programs and proactively market their stance as such – so, don’t be too far behind the curve as Grove Carbon can help you now!

  • Pressure from investors, board or shareholders – don’t underestimate how quickly this could happen, it’s always good to future proof a concept and Grove Carbon can support you in that!

  • Pressure from employees, especially with younger generations, as there is a need to feel aligned to a company that has similar moral values – your workforce is getting younger, no time like now to start and Grove Carbon can advise you on that!

As we encourage all businesses to engage and play a part in offsetting their Carbon Footprint and limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions,

we have customizable solutions to fit all budgets and resources:

Step One – Auditing:

As certified auditors of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Grove Carbon may assess your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions caused by energy use on site through to employee travel. We will help you understand where savings may be made and provide you with a realistic forecast for what your energy consumption could be going forward.

Step Two – Carbon Offsetting:

If you would like to take your initiative to the next level, we can offer investments in carbon offsetting programs that can be ad hoc, yearly, or ongoing. We work through the Gold Standard (formed in 2003 by the World wildlife Fund, SouthSouthNorth, Helio, and the Swiss Government) and also through VERRA. Both are the most ethical accreditation systems in the world. Projects comply with 12 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We prefer to manage environmental projects that provide progress and sustainability to local communities.

Step Three – Certification:

The longer-term plan is to become carbon neutral and become Grove Carbon Green (GCG) certified – meaning your organization is recognized as taking major steps towards carbon dioxide reductions, sustainable environmental programs and climate change mitigation. All of which provides you with major advances in your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. As clients embark on their journey to becoming carbon neutral, we will certify you as CarbonWyse.

Investment to Suit Your Needs

Contact us for a no-obligation needs scoping of your requirements and a customized proposal – small business packages begin as low as $250. You will be surprised at how little it costs to invest in our planet’s future!

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There are multiple advantages and reasons why getting involved in carbon offsetting initiatives is a “good thing”…..

Here’s an overview of why YOU should:

All leading to participation in programs that support sustainability, mitigation of climate change and providing all citizens of the world a better life through accredited environmental programs.